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About ApeIRC

ApeIRC is currently in a pre-beta stage, and is under active development. The direction that the app takes will be based on feedback and the level of interest from users. If people enjoy the app and want to see it grow, I will put more time and effort into making it happen.

My ultimate goal with ApeIRC is to create a modern and fully functional IRC client for Windows 10 that matches the complete functionality of mIRC. The whole reason I created this app is because I did not want to pay the $20 license for mIRC. Yes, I am cheap. But perhaps my cheapness will end up being a win for all parties involved.

I suppose an added bonus from being a Universal Windows App is that ApeIRC is also fully functional on a Windows Phone 10 device, but tbh I don't know why anybody would want to do IRC on their phone, but who knows? The option is there.

So anyway, if you like what you see with ApeIRC and want to leave feedback, report a bug, or share some other concern, let me know in the Windows Store comments section, or just e-mail me at support@ape-apps.com and I'll get back to you. I mainly wrote this app to fulfill my own need, but will glady expand it if other people are interested in the project.



v0.3 - 20160402

v0.2 - 20160327

v0.1 - 20151205

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